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Panda Oriental Buffet

  • Panda Sunderland Restaurants

    Panda Sunderland Restaurants

    Panda Oriental Buffet Restaurant

    25-26 Holmeside, Sunderland, SR1 3JE

    Tel:0191 565 3462 Fax: 0191 565 7397

    Ultimately the best & biggest Oriental Buffet Restaurant in Sunderland,set in comforable modem surroundings.With over 80 varieties of different dishes served daily.Wine & beer available from our fully licensed bar.
    Open daily -11.45am to 10:30pm

    All you can eat, decent quality, good choice of dishes (soups, starters, main course and dessert), some English dishes & dessert so you can take your picky kids

    Quality of the food could be better but it is still good for an all you can eat buffet. Costs extra for crispy aromatic duck

    The Panda Oriental in Sunderland is an all you can eat buffet. There is a good choice of dishes to keep most Chinese fans happy. Lots of starters i.e. spare ribs, crispy won tons, spring rolls etc. Main courses like chinese curries, sweet and sour, black bean sauce, Singapore style etc. Picky kids can be stuffed with chips and chicken nuggets and icecream afterwards. Good family atmosphere during the day and a more lively atmosphere at night due to the abundant drinks available. Prices per head are low, but increase at night and for extra dishes such as crispy aromatic duck. All in all the Panda is definately worth a look for a fun meal.

    Salad items were very minimal to say the least. cucumber should not be a mixture of thin and thick slices, tomato quarters not very tempting, only one type of lettuce. no peppers or onions

    Panda Oriental Buffet is easy and pleasant dining even with children. worth queuing for. pleasant staff, lots of delicious tastebud tingling items of food.

    Good service, very clean environment, great food, some of the food could have been a bit hotter, but we were there right after the lunch rush, so they hadn’t really had time to re fill everything.

    EXCELLENT! Panda Oriental Buffet is very very clean and the food was the best I’ve had in this country. The chicken curry was fantastic and all the food on offer was of the highest quality.

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